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Date: Sunday, 07. June 2020

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So as to guarantee the smooth of the Delirium, GGG has gathered criticisms from its locale and attempted to make enhancements and fixes. Considering Path of Exile's next 3.11 extension is going to be discharged, the designer intends to send a minor 3.10.1f update ahead of time. Here is a see of the 3.10.1f fix notes for all players to look at.


Incidental Improvements

Explained the sizes of Shocked Ground and Chilled Ground on their pertinent guide modifiers. This is exclusively a portrayal change.

Improved the perceivability of Chilled Ground.

Changing your plunder portion setting will currently have a prompt impact, as opposed to applying to every single future zone.

Disloyalty Targets presently evacuate close by ground impacts when they are vanquished.

Control-clicking to take a Watchstone from Zana no longer makes the window close.

Scourged Dreadwheels will currently accurately follow the Blight way until a player is in nearness, so, all things considered they will start to pursue down the player.

Charms are not, at this point consistently designated to the guide producer.

Fixed a bug where vaults that ought to consistently drop at any rate one guide didn't generally do as such.

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